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April 26, 2011



so sweet, Dan. Thanks for writing this.

Samantha Bennett

Well done, Dan. My prayers for you and the family -- Sam.


Beautiful, Dan. I'm sorry for your loss.


A wonderful and poignant story, your grandmother would be proud. She sounds like a great woman. My condolences on your loss...


just reading this now. it's lovely. i'm sorry for your loss; she sounds awesome. the ending left me all verklempt. xxn

Mark Heggen

Great, great piece, Dan. You capture her so vividly I feel as if I knew her (and I never got to meet her).

Hope you are doing alright during this difficult time.

chris tanti

Hi Dan
Oi-win referred me to your piece on your grandmother. its moving and clear that story telling runs in the family. a nice gift to pass on from one generation to the next!

Ann Marie Cunningham

Dear Dan, I'm walking (formerly running) partner of your step mom Fran, as well as next door neighbor on West 96th Street. Fran referred me to your post. I never met your grandma, though I certainly heard a lot about her. Thanks to you, I feel as if I knew her. I will be in LA sometime this summer (some of my former interns are recording with Warner), and hope to take you out. My deepest sympathies, Ann Marie Cunningham

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