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January 25, 2010



Not much of what Beckert says will make sense all week. He's a good guy, though. Are his son and son in law there again as his keepers/watch dogs?

Make sure you really stretch your legs every day, especially the hammies. Seriously.

Did I mention I'm insanely jealous?

Tom Rose

This is absolutely blowing my mind!

Bob MacKay

And now the real work begins. Good luck, try not to get hurt and have FUN!(and yes, the stretching advice is solid).

Anthony DP

What a blast, man! I too am totally jealous. I am not sure what's better to share drinks with Dernier and company, or to be coached by that entire crew of former cubbies. The summer that Pete Lacock (1975?) was on the team my brother and I were fixtures at Wrigley. Grandstand seats were less than $3.


Dan speaks the truth, camp was phenomenal.

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