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October 02, 2008


Chris Perry

I can't believe this is going as badly as it is for the Cubs. I am starting to feel a curse, like the one I used to sense around the Red Sox. That being said, it can end at a moments notice. Go Cubs!


I was there last night, and let me tell you that it was cold. Too cold to sit around and watch that kind of shit. They played like a team that just wanted to go home, and they'll soon get their wish.

Physical mistakes I can understand, although they're no fun to watch; playing dead-ass and back on your heels is not excusable.


Blame Vedder.


Ah Stu, were you part of the "corporate crowd" last night that got some of the blame for last nites poor performance? F'in Cubs - this is exactly what they do and what we always get. HOPE?!?!?! Yer kiddin, right?


Hey Carole!

I can't believe media people are blaming the crowd. On every frickin' strike two pitch last night--even when the Cubs were losing 6-0--the fans were on their feet cheering for Zambrano to throw strike three.

25,000 people stuck around in 45-degree temps for the bottom of the ninth, with the Cubs down 10-1, and when the Cubs scored twice those remaining fans went apeshit.

Maybe Game One was full of corporates, but last night, the crowd was not the problem...


whoa, dan, carole -- so sorry to hear about ANOTHER robbery! (also sorry about the cubs.) i hope the cops catch the perps. i suppose the cats would totally freak out if you adopted a pit bull?

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