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October 04, 2008


Chris Perry

You and Cubs fans all over the world should thank god that at least this means that the Cubs will not suffer the embarassment of losing the 2008 World Series to the Tampa Bay Rays because some unlucky NL franchise will suffer that fate before the end of this month.

Dan E

Well, Chris, you're right - there IS that. Small comfort, that, but at least now I can get on with my life.


It's definitely on Belushi.

Vinnie Park

Sorry, man. The plight of the Cubs fan is very sad. I really thought they might break that curse this year. When this kind of thing happens, it makes you wonder why you even bother...


So a guys walking down the street. He sees a friend of his approaching him, and his friend has a little band-aid on his forehead. And the guy goes, "Hey, what happened?" And the friend goes, "Oh my God, this was fucking nuts, man I was at this rooftop party, all right, on the 12th floor, sitting on the edge, a fucking huge gust of wind comes, blows me off the building Twelve stories up. Unbelievably, there are these two clotheslines about three stories down that break my fall. I sort of bounce over them, and end up hitting this awning, and then I bounce off the awning into this pile of mattresses, OK? And then I bounce off the pile of mattresses and get flung up another 20 feet in the air. Im like, "Oh, shit," but then I land on this open truck thats hauling marshmallows. And, you know, I scratched my forehead with my finger at one point." And the guys like, "Holy shit You must be the luckiest man alive" And his friend goes," No, no, no. Thats Jim Belushi."


1. Blame Vedder

2. Tear down Wrigley

3. Profit!


According to Lou, it was the scouting...




It's too bad they didn't make it 'cause I heard this great joke - probably from a Sox fan, but here goes: How many Pussies does it take to flip over a car? I don't know, but we're gonna find out if the Cubs win the World Series.


I wish Piniella would grab Crane Kenney by the collar and drag him to Indiana and kick the shit out of him and that Greek Orthodox Priest that blessed the dugout before game one. Nothing like freaking-out your players right before a big game and making them feel like they can't do it alone. Asshole!

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