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September 03, 2008


Vinnie Park

My favorite inexpensive meal in New York City is Papaya King on 86th and 3rd Ave, not to be confused with the jive Grey's Papaya chain scattered over the upper West Side. Papaya King is the original deal. It's been there since the late 40s, back when there was an El subway running over Third Ave. ...I know the Robe hails from Chi-Town and may have some pretty high hot dog standards, but I'll take the Pepsi Challenge with a Papaya King dog anytime. ...I find it's best to specify that you want your dog well done so that it's CRISPAY on the outside. You can get it plain, or "with" (with sauerkraut), or my personal fave, "the home run" (with onions AND sauerkraut). I'm not into the Papaya drink 'cause to me it smells like throw up. Best to get your dog with a banana daiquiri. Be sure to bring some strong breath mints for afterwards. ...Have a great time! Congrats on the book!!!


My favorite part of the McCain/Palin campaign is the way they tout the fact that she didn't abort her down syndrome baby and that her unwed teenage daughter isn't going to terminate her pregnancy either to make the pro-lifers swoon.

Greg Barbera

enjoy NYC, the paid vacation and a new camera dan!

oh but keep a close eye out for the cocksuckin' criminals...


Dan, Stu and I tried "Rice" for lunch last time we were in NYC. Loved the Bhutanese red rice! They have several locations: http://www.riceny.com/pages.php?pageid=2


I heard there's this Italian place called Bar Pitti that's pretty good... I also found the best falafel I've ever had right off the Bedford Street stop of the L train, right in the heart of beautiful downtown Williamsburg. There's a splendid miso ramen noodle place on 49th Street between 6th and 7th called Sapporo. Killer and very cheap.

Dan E

Bar Pitti, eh? Sounds vaguely familiar...

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