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September 04, 2008


Sarah Parker

I am terrified.

At first I thought McCain was crazy.
Then crazy like a fox.

This could go really bad...


We were thinking the exact same thing, Sarah. Americans are stupid. They are going to look at her and say "She's just like me". She's the "someone to have a beer with" all over again. Why don't Americans want someone extraordinary to run their country? I don't want someone just like me to run this place - you shouldn't either!
I too am terrified.

Craig Rosen

First, frickin bad ass tuneage. Rawkin!!! Secondly, I concur with the other comments. This Hockey Mom has me a little concerned. I hate her poltics and Republicans in general, but she's likeable. It's frickin scary. Go Obama!


I find her intensely dislikable. She's a liar and an opportunist, and certainly not like any of the successful women I know.


Any one else see the irony in the McCain (pro-war)/Palin (pro-life)ticket?

Will Errickson

I'm loving the spin on her pregnant teenager: "Look, American heartlanders, Palin's just like y'all, with a messy family life!" If it had been any Democrat who had a pregnant underage daughter, holy god, that would've signaled their utter lack of family values and desire to bring about the End Times.

I also like how they've tied it into her pro-life, anti-sex ed stance: obviously the girl had *no* sex ed, otherwise she would've been smart enough to know how to use birth control. A pregnant teenager is better than one who's had an abortion, or who knows how a condom works!

Have you seen the pre-makeover pics of the daughter's suitor? What a hesher!

And oh yeah: all of Palin's political policies are terrible. This is a complete suck-up to Dobson, et. al.


You forgot Rod and the Faces.

Dan E

Aw, c'mon, Phil — Cactus totally smokes the Faces' version!

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