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August 13, 2008


Vinnie Park

Dude, that sucks. I'm glad the kitties are OK and that you didn't lose any of your book stuff. ...My apartment got robbed about ten years ago while I was out of the country and I just felt so violated. It's an eerie feeling to know that some piece of shit has been in your house looking through your stuff...

Sarah Parker

I'm sorry you guys. That truly does just blow.
It is the creepiest, most violating feeling.
I had to take down my photos cuz the idea that they actually saw the people they were ripping off just freaked me out.
Glad that it wasn't as bad as it could have been, and glad you two can look at the "silver-lining" of the whole shitty thing.


Wow sorry to hear that, man. My first thought was "Hope he didn't get the manuscript." It must be going around, though. I lost my wallet on BART a couple weeks ago and some shitbag found it and used my two debit cards in 5 different Bay Area cities in a matter of hours. I got all the money back, but it was a lot of work to make it happen. Stealing is so heinous.


Man, what a pisser! Sorry to hear about that Dan! I can't believe they came in through a window during the day! You would think that someone would have noticed that!

Anyway, glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been - it sounds like the worst of it is the feeling of invasivness. I would hate to think of strangers going through our stuff.

If your landlords are being that stingy, maybe you should pay for upgrades yourself. I think the money would be offset by the peace of mind. I know that i've done this myself in Hollywood.



Man, that's fucked up... I am very happy to hear that it didn't end up being worse. Still, as the others here have said, just knowing some lowlife fuck has invaded you is enough to rattle anyone...


I'm glad you two and the cats are okay.

Michael A.

Oh Dan, I am so sorry to hear this. That just sucks. I'll just second the comments above and say that I'm glad that, in priority order, you and Carole are OK, the cats are OK, your manuscript is OK, and your other valuables are OK, and there is no turd in the silverware drawer.
I can only imagine the sense of violation, and I'm glad you have each other to lean on.
If you can, shell out for some more security stuff pronto, for peace of mind. Maybe it's even a tax deduction.
Amazing about Shadow's urinary comments; poor little guy, this is the last thing he needs too. I hope all you guys get back to normal real soon.

Greg Barbera

damn Dan.

that sucks.

as i found out, most crooks are too dumb to try and sell/steal your identity (stolen SSC) and getting a new one is a fucking eye opener to government redtape.

i'm just glad they were also too stupid to steal the good stuff and didn't run off with your manuscript.

the whole Homer bill one like one giant metaphor!

hang in there man...

Lisa J.

Actually, you wuz *burgled.* That's what Jerry and I learned from the police when our apartment was broken into...two days before yours! What is going on? I can honestly say I know exactly how you are feeling. I am very glad that Carole didn't walk in on the burglars, and the kitties are okay, and your manuscript wasn't taken. Be safe!

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