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August 18, 2008


Greg Barbera

take notes.

i'm sure it'll be nothing like an episode of Law & Order.

during a recent trip to court here in NC, i witnessed a woman who got busted for DWI - TWICE - in 18 hours. Seems impossible doesn't it?

also a girl who got her face smashed by her husband for drinking at someone else's tralier...

ah, North Carolina.


I got summoned too, for Sept. 3. And I too have always escaped. Crossing fingers for you.

Chris Perry

Dude, jury duty sucks. I have been unfortunate to get popped for it 3 times since I have lived in LA. Sadly, I look far more "conventional" than you and I always end up serving on a jury over the most mundane crap imaginable. Good luck and I hope that you find the "experience" entertaining at least.


Did i ever tell you my jury duty story? Since i didn't get jury duty pay at my crappy Hollywood job in the 80's, i showed up unwashed, unshaved, with prescription sunglasses, my hair down to the middle of my back, probably with leftover makeup from some gig, skintight black jeans, wearing an Embryonics t-shirt that said "Sicker than God" and a vest for my friends the Black Pampers that said "eat shit" on it. I had to go down several days in a row and i wore the same thing each day.

I didn't get picked...

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