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August 08, 2008


John Battles

Dan , I think Joe and Chris managed to capture what was/is largely an utterly humorless underground music scene , and extract the humor that was'nt always obvious , be it sick humor (Mentally Ill , God Bless Them.) or the "Shoulda been a nightclub comedian but the breaks were'nt right , even so , at least I'm not a lawyer like John Kedzy warned me I might become if I did'nt take this SERIOUSLY , and , now , I'm a Bartender and HE's a Lawyer!" humor of Mike O'Connell. I HARDLY THINK cHICAGO HAS AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX TODAY , BUT THERE'S A REASON THINGS HAPPEN WHEN AND WHERE THEY DO. We're only now being reminded that , in the mid - 70's , New York WAS STACKED a mile high in garbage , and on the brink of bankruptcy. President Ford famously told 'em to drop dead. I visited Chicago in '79 , and it was definitely a different vibe than today.My Cousin told me about the new music that was happening (And getting airplay here , tho' not in the Dallas /Ft. Worth AREA , WHERE I RESIDED , WHICH ALSO PRODUCED A GREAT PUNK AND NEW WAVE SCENE BY THIS TIME , ANYWAY...). aS IT HAPPENS , I FOLLOWED THE EFFIGIES ONCE , BUT , BUY THAT , I MEAN , THEY WERE THE HEADLINER , AND I KICKED OFF THE AFTER PARTY , TO 15 PEOPLE. I caught a bit of grief for doing a Nrevebreakers/Vomit Pigs medley from High Ranking Chicago Punk officials who thought Texas Punk = Big Boys and Dicks , but , it was all just a laugh. "You Were'nt There " points out that the Punkers at that time were verbally and physically abused as much as their Gay allies who opened up their clubs to them (Which happened in nearly every major city.).... It was'nt all fun and games. But , if it had been , just like in New York or L.A. , OR Boston , Detroit , Dallas , etc., would anything truly memorable have come out of it? John.

Sarah Parker

I thought the movie was great.

But actually, my favorite part was before it even began: At the premiere, Matt made everyone giggle when he stated: "I was there...but left early".

Eric Colin

I've only seen the rushes of it when I was at Joe's house before it was released.
Unfortunately when it screened here I suffered from an anxiety attack of sorts, most likely brought on by my fear of seeing people that I haven't seen in 20 some odd years.
I do want to check it out though, apparently there's a still of me with feathered hair at "The Hall"


I can't wait to see this movie - having snuck in as a 13 year old to a handful of ROTA shows (and Raygun, Effigies, etc.), I was in AWE of most of these people. Can't wait to look at them with grownup eyes...

Any word on when the movie's making it to the flyover states?

Michael A.

I disagree: Wazmo Nariz's single "Checkin' Out the Checkout Girl" is brilliant!

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