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August 25, 2008



Manuscripts are hard! (As I'm learning...) Best of luck keepin' it rollin', Dan.


Holy shit, is that Vic Tayback? I can't tell. If I had to bet my life I'd say no, but there's a chance...

Chris Perry

And isn't that Vic Tayback (Mel from Alice) as the Fan?

Dan E

Nice catch, Chris — and good thing you didn't bet your life against it, Reed — that is indeed a pre-Alice Vic Tayback.

Vinnie Park

I can't wait to read a signed copy of the book. Home stretch, baby! Close it out.


I am certain of one thing in this world: That Pete Rose smells like a man.

Chris Perry

I'm not so sure he smell's like a "man". Perhaps he smells like a neanderthal male, but I am not entirely sure that is the same thing.

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