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April 10, 2008


Vinnie Park

Dude, ring me up the next time you're going there. I work 5 minutes away. ...The only thing I don't understand about Philippe's is why the serving ladies have to take your money, walk it all the way over to a distant cash register, and then return with your change. It adds loads of time onto the whole process. Sometimes the lines are out the door. I guess it's all part of the place's charming throwback to the pre-technological age, but it can be a little annoying when you've got a train to catch...

Dan E

You forgot the part about how they won't take your money directly from your hand — you have to put it on the little tray, and then they ferry the tray over to said register. WTF?

Sarah Parker

This place just had a write-up in "Wine and Spirits"
A competitor to "Wine Spectator"
Supposedly not as high-brow.
Hence the inclusion of said Phillip's, and one of the restaurants I work in called "Jury's".
It's an article on finding good wine in surprising places.
It was great to see this on the 'robe as the french dip looked GREAT.
Jury's looked fine in the article, but I've eaten everything on that damn menu!

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