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January 08, 2008


Greg Barbera

pouring the juice in the bottle is so... classic. all that's missing is the brown bag to house the specialty beverage

Fred B

Boones Farm and Michelob...that's how we rolled in Tarrytown NY in the 70's.


My BFF freshman year of HS, Robin Barnes, and I used to quote the "Shakeumup? Wusssat?" all the time. Cracked our whitey-white selves up all over LTHS.


I'd love to try it but I can't seem to find Thunderbird anywhere. My loss...

jim saft

Sickest I have ever been was when, getting off a 36 at Belden Triangle already drunk I made friends with a wino and shared his T-bird. Next day I went to a Tom Waits play, maybe with you Dan, and prayed silently throughout for the sweet release of death.


Holy shit — I was just thinking about Frank's Wild Years last night, for some reason. 'Twas indeed I that accompanied you to that awful play; I wasn't even hungover, but it gave me a headache so brutal that I, too, would have welcomed death as a comparative relief.


I want Norbert's bathing suit.


That commercial is so wrong on so many levels, it makes my head spin. And speaking of Fernwood 2-Nite (even those very brief clips look excellent), I recently picked up a DVD set of the first 25 episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and I'm completely engrossed. What an amazing show!

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