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December 10, 2007



Are you game? Or are you Lame? I'm sending the Lava Sutra cassette to you today. It's got the Ken song.


Sarah Parker

Damn, how cool are those pants?!?

And since the two of you are currently in packing/moving/surely x-mas hell, I won't get all whiny "where is my tape" on your ass.


That photo of Eric could have been taken yesterday.

Eric Colin Reidelberger

Who are these handsome gentlemen?
Ah yes, a blast from the past makes a man feel warm, especially when the songs were good!
I not only have some extra copies of the 3 song demo (Listen To The Monkey must be heard, it was the feather in our cap)but I have a live tape from when we played SXSW.
Alas, I have no tape player any more (and no plans to buy one), shall I send them your way?
BTW, No Time At All doesn't sound too bad to me

Chris Perry

Are you sure they wern't laughing at your umbrella?


Erik H. gave me a copy of this demo tape during a visit to the Bay Area about a decade ago. He specifically directed me to "Lifting Weights with Ken."

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