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September 11, 2007



Oh, he was a sweetheart. I probably gave him more attention than I did you, whenever I was in your home.

My "Orange Guy" is heading for the exit, so I know how sad you and Carole must be.

STILL - losing them is but the smallest price for all those years of kick ass bonding.

P.S. Was it he who unceremoniously walked up to the chair in the living room and gave a very defiant piss while you, Andy and I were watching the KISS X-POSED video?

Dan E

Um, yeah, that was him. Like I said, a royal pain in the ass at times - and definitely not a fan of 80s Kiss.


Yeah. Like you said, he was cool.

Vinnie Park

What a lovely eulogy for your little orange friend. I'm so sorry he's gone, but I'm happy that he brought you so many years of joy and friendship. Yes, the house will seem a little empty over the next few weeks, but you'll feel his spirit running around when you least expect it.

Paul Gaita

Really lovely, Dan. I'm sure Mentos would appreciate the eulogy. And thank you for adding the tag about adopting shelter animals. My two shelter-adopted mutts and I appreciate it.

I'm sorry I never got to meet Mentos. Any cat who didn't care for '80s-era KISS clearly had his act together in more ways than one.


farewell to the freshmaker -- i remember when you got him and peelu. it's so hard to see them go. i understand how you feel, and your eulogy was beautiful. my heart goes out to you and carole.

loved the peas story!


sniff sniff.


Pets are family. I'm sorry that he's gone, but I'm so glad to have read about him.


Fantastic tribute to the top orangey. We are gutted by this loss. One more thing: If you are thinking of adopting a kitty, consider an older one. Kittens are cute, but a ROYAL pain in the ass and older dudes really, really need ya.

Chris Perry

Completely heartfelt and the perfect send off to a dear friend. Having had a relationship with a pug along the lines of your relationship with Mentos, I almost physically feel your loss, but it also reminds me of my good friend and, 18 months after his passing, that memory feels good.


So I'm crying now. You have both a gift for loving and for telling us what that means. Orangies are #1 in my book. Farewell Mentos. Max agrees and sends you kisses and muffins to comfort you.


You made me cry in my office Dan. I know exactly how you feel.

RIP Mentos.


D&C -
We are terribly sorry for your loss. We know exactly how you feel. It broke our hearts when our little terror PJ passed away a couple of years ago. Hell, we can still tear up to this day when we think of her. Melanie had her for 12 years, as well.

But, our wonderful beagle, Harley, has certainly helped heal the scars - especially since he actually likes people so we're not afraid when anyone stops by!

Our sincerest condolences.


Lyndsey Parker

Oh, I feel for you! My cat of 12 years died in April and it was devstating. I wish I'd written such a touching tribute to her at that time. I never met Mentos but now I feel like I have. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this. Hang in there.


Wow, I am so sorry you guys...



My sympathies, Dan. And that's a lovely bit of writing.

Sarah Parker

What a way to remember a best friend.
Tears and respect to you two.
Happy trails Mentos....

Guy V

Way to make me cry Dan. I will give my little men (shelter boys) an extra treat tonight in Mentos honor.


I am so sorry.


Mentos will forever remain a loyal and faithful companion to you and Carole. He was quite fortunate to have found you that day back in '95 at the shelter, and that bond will always stay tight in your heart Dan.

Federico Antin

I was doing some research, just for fun, nothing serious, abut my friend Raymond Chandler's cat, and it's wonderful how your cats are connected to almost any even in your lives, thats fantastic.
Best wishes, as always,

Federico (aka euskir)

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