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January 23, 2007



My four-track also went to thrift-shop heaven. That being said, I do not look back on it fondly as I found it far too frustrating to use (but that could be said of the entire recording process).


I can't wait to play your track when I get home.

You conjured so many memories for me of the joys of bedroom recording. I saved up for months to buy a Porta 5 in '89 and quickly dubbed my "home studio" The Groovy Cellar (after a Captain Sensible b-side). The Porta 5 has long since gone to 4-track heaven but a dozen tapes of solo material still exist. Unlike you, however, I doubt I have the balls to post them publicly. Good for you!


re: garageband

I just checked and there isn't a way to pull off backwards recording. However, it's be pretty easy to record your tracks straight, then bring the file you created into any number of free audio editing programs. Do the reverse effect in the program, export the file and bring THAT into Garageband.

Presto - Armenia City in the Sky! (WHICH OH SO DOES NOT SUCK)


Lifting Weights with Ken was a fave of mine.

Dan E

Frank - thanks for checking on that. I don't anticipate trying to record anything again until my book is finished, but maybe I could bribe you to give me a quick course in Garageband sometime this summer?

Phil - oddly, that's one Lava Sutra song that WASN'T demoed on the four-track; in fact, I'm pretty sure we never recorded it at all. I did record a version with the Fancy Trolls, though, and I'll try to post that for ya soon...

Greg Barbera

dude that drink looks tasty!!


My Fostex X-26 4-track is still hanging in there. Haven't dusted it off in a while, but I should. And oh, how I cursed the accidental wiping out of tracks... Es muy malo. Downloading your ditty as I type (that sounds bad, doesn't it?)

Dan E

Fostex! There's a brand I haven't thought of in awhile! I seem to recall some musician pals warning me away from Fostex 4-tracks at the time, but the fact that yours is still kickin' pretty much says it all...

John Battles

OK , MY EYES ARE SHOT , AND i CAN'T FIND THE LINK TO YOUR SONG , BUT WILL CHECK IT OUT LATER. I did'nt know Lava Sutra was Japanese as a second language. My landlord's little girl told me , "You know , some cats can speak Chinese" , I said , "Really ? What do they sound like?" " BAO NAO DAO DO BAO NAONO NO NAAOO".

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