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FASCINATING post, Dan. So many thoughts of my own here - wish I had more time to put them all down. I'll just say that as a Chicagoan born in 1975, I had no idea that my "Loop phase" was entirely in the long tail that always tends hang on/fade away after something truly culturally relevant. After reading this, it all makes so much sense. By the time I was old enough to care, The Loop was the fully established entity, and though still retaining some of the excellence you describe here, there was a certain meathead element to it by then (hey Johnny B!). It was my station in junior high and early high school before moving on to XRT and truly independent stations, but now I much better understand its place in the world at the time. I have a similar elegiac feeling today, but surely not as profound as yours.

Great post as always. Thanks for sharing this slice of history, which I never realized had so set up my music-listening foundation.

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