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Jim Beauchemin

Great article. Thanks for sharing. :)

Alan P

You have a gift Dan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Gator. Such a good guy and hitting coach for the '84 Tigers. The man was a Tiger through and through!

Johnnie Brown

Great article. On behalf of his entire family (I'm his grandson) we appreciate your kind and genuine words!

James B

Hey Dan-- The days my Dad took my brothers & I to the Tigers,& later when we could drive, were some of the best days of any Summer. Cash,Kaline,Colavito,LaFlore,Gates. Detroit had men of character on those teams.1 of my Aunt's many husbands sold golf equipment & he set up a B'day party for me @ Lindell's AC & I got to meet some of those guys(for a pair of golf shoes)(The Hawk was also in from ChiTown for a Tiger Homestand).Ahhh!--JB

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