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Rob Badgerow

Can you move to Portland? We need more hipsters like you over here and less of the kind who don't know the difference between Fran Tarkenton and Booth Tarkington. The AOR demo night is pure brilliance and I can't believe it hasn't been done before (has it?). Still, Steve Dahl was a huge influence on everyone within range of WLUP's transmitter (or his short lived "network") in the late 70's. I still remember the words to "RTA" clearly to this day....

I Ride into to the City on My
RTA Machine
My Three-Piece Suit is Polyester and My Fingernails are Clean
Businessman to the Left of Me
Secretary to My Right
Wonder if I'll Smell This Good
When I Get Home Tonight
RTA Oi Vey Oi Vey

Dan E

Thanks Rob - I'd forgotten all about "RTA"! Still very clearly remember the words to "Do Ya Think I'm Disco," and "Another Kid in the Crawl," though!

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