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October 01, 2008



I used to dislike Vin Scully when he'd do national broadcasts. Over the last few years, I've been watching Dodgers telecasts on mlb.tv and have really enjoyed hearing the guy.

Like most announcers, he's much better covering a team that he sees every day. He's a treasure, and I can't even imagine what the Dodgers would do without him. Charley Steiner? Gag me.

Chris Perry

My preseason picks were equally as bad (I got 50% across the two leagues: Cubs, Dodgers, Red Sox and Angels, although I had the Red Sox winning the division). Everything else was completely wrong.

I am not deterred and I offer the following playoff predictions:


Phillies over Brewers
Cubs over Dodgers


Angels over Red Sox (Yes, I am picking against my home town team. They are just too banged up right now. If healthy, I would have picked the Red Sox)

Rays over White Sox (sorry)


Cubs over Phillies


Rays over Angels

World Series:

Cubs in 7

Let's hope I didn;t just jinx the whole thing for your Cubbies.

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