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Abe Goteiner

Dan, I thought the book was outstanding - however I did find some proofreading errors, to wit:

p.116, 1st paragraph, 3rd line: "Africanized bees were going fly up from Mexico" ???

p. 116, 2nd paragraph, 5th sentence: ..."two figures jump out of the left field pavilion and LANDON the outfield grass."

p. 288: "Giants traveling secretary Frank Berganzi, a the 58-year-old shipper ..."

Dan E.

Thanks, Abe! The Africanized bees thing isn't an error, though — the so-called killer bees resulted from Western honey bees being cross-bred with their African cousins, hence becoming "Africanized". The other two gaffes somehow slipped past me and the several editors and proof readers involved with the book, but even Brooks Robinson bobbled one now and then!

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