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Scott Crawford

On the subject of archival footage: according to this article (http://www.dallasobserver.com/2005-06-16/news/balls-out ), HBO Sports found a tape of the no-no that cuts out at 3-2, 2 outs in the 9th, and played it for Dock and one of his classes at the prison he worked at in Victorville, CA. That might be as good a starting point as any. (The above article is also fantastic, even if it rehashes a lot of what we already know about Dock.)


Thanks for digging that article up, Scott. I remember the piece, but I'd completely forgotten about the HBO videotape part. So the post-game interview DOES exist, haha!


Some game footage most definitely does exist. That's what Keven McAlester refers to in that article. A post-game interview may or may not exist. There is audio from a call with Dock the following day for the Game of the Week broadcast.


jjr - see correction above...

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